Ten Things as They acquire a knowledge from Super Bowl Week Media Availability

The Kansas City Chiefs have been in Miami all week getting ready for Super Bowl LIV as correspondents and cameras from apparently every side of the globe have been there at all times.

Lead trainer Andy Reid, individuals from his instructing staff and various players have met with the media every morning, handling examines covering simply concerning each theme possible.

Here are 10 things that stood apart from Super Bowl week media accessibility.

  • Lead trainer Andy Reid was approached to disclose the Chiefs’ assurance to arrive at this minute subsequent to coming so near the Super Bowl a year prior.

“Everybody took that responsibility to heart. We could have all done a better job. I talked to the team about that after the game, and I think the guys went out and attacked the off-season,” Reid said on Wednesday. “They had a taste of getting to the championship game and losing it, and that’s not a very good feeling, but there’s something they could do about it. That was getting busy, having a great off-season, a great training camp and trying to maintain your focus throughout the season. I think the guys have done that and I’m proud of them for taking that approach.”

A year expelled from tumbling to New England in extra time at Arrowhead Stadium in the AFC Championship Game, the Chiefs are presently set to play in the Super Bowl without precedent for a long time. Reid recognized the structure expectation all through Chiefs Kingdom on Thursday.

“I know Kansas City is on fire right now with excitement,” Reid said with a gain. “We appreciate all the support we’ve had down here from our fans.”

  • The Super Bowl unavoidably carries a large number of interruptions alongside it, however Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes stressed on Tuesday that keeping up their routine was basic to progress.

“I think we’ve kept it relatively close to what we usually do. We have a little bit more media, but with the AFC Championship Game a few weeks ago, I did media pretty much every single day. [This week], we’re just trying to stay within the routine,” Mahomes said. “Coach Reid did a good job of getting most of the game plan in last week, so now it’s just about tweaks and little adjustments here and there. We’re staying with the same workouts, the same practice schedule and we’re going to keep it as close to the same as possible.”

The 24-year-old Mahomes was later approached to ponder the way that he was playing on the greatest stage in just his second season as a beginning quarterback.

“No matter how many times you’re here, you have to take in the moment and enjoy it. I was telling my mom that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I hope I have a lot of times,” Mahomes said. “You take in the moment, but you’re always focused and you understand that the reason you’re here is to win a football game. We understand that, but if you watch this team, we have fun no matter where we’re playing. It’s a great opportunity that I’m having early in my career and I’m excited to go out there with my brothers and to try and win.”

  • One player that has been on this phase before is cautious end Terrell Suggs, who won Super Bowl XLVII with Baltimore. Suggs disclosed his message to the individuals who are encountering this phase for the absolute first time.

“It’s easy to kind of get distracted and to get caught up in everything, but all of us – not just me – are doing a good job of realizing that there are different portions of this, but there’s a reason why we’re here and it’s to play another football game – the last football game of the year,” Suggs said. “You have to enjoy it. This is the biggest stage and there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever make it back again. It took me eight years to get back, so I’m just telling the guys to enjoy it.”

  • Security Tyrann Mathieu was approached to clarify how the Chiefs’ barrier intends to back off San Francisco’s powerful hostile assault, which has found the middle value of 30.2 focuses per-game this season including the end of the season games.

“They move a lot of people around in the running game to create leverages and they have an extremely athletic offensive line, so ultimately, you have to understand that all 11 men need to be involved in the run-game,” Mathieu said. “In the passing game, we have the pass-rushers to get to the quarterback. Then on the back-end, we’re a top-ten secondary. It’ll be a great challenge for us, but we’re more than ready for it.”

  • Mahomes has gained notoriety for pulling off some totally fantastic plays, including the infrequent no-look pass. They was gotten some information about his capacity to fire the no-look tosses on Tuesday.

“It’s stuff that I’ve worked on – that’s the biggest thing. I did no-look stuff when I was in college with Coach [Kliff] Kingsbury, and he would encourage us to do stuff like that. Then, when I got to the NFL with Coach Reid, I started doing it on scout team and he let me do it,” Mahomes clarified. “He let me go out there, do some of that stuff and just tinker with things. He always says that training camp is the time to throw interceptions and the time to try stuff that you might not try in a game, so he lets us go out there and be who we are and it’s allowed me to have confidence to do those things in games.”
In the event that Mahomes finishes a no-look go in the Super Bowl, the web might just lose its aggregate personality.

  • Part of the gang who has profited by Mahomes’ play-production capacity is wide beneficiary Tyreek Hill, who had a lot of recognition for his young quarterback this week.

“He’s a different guy, man. Especially when he’s preparing for a game. His mindset, his attitude and just everything about him – he’s different,” Hill said of Mahomes. “That’s why I love playing with him as a teammate.”

Slope was additionally approached to share his fervor for Sunday and what it will resemble contending in the warm Florida climate rather than the crisp temperatures back home.

“I’m looking so forward to it. It’s going to be a blast,” Hill said. “To be in weather like this is a blessing. You can catch the ball the way you want to catch it and you can run how you want to run, so it’s going to be fun.”

  • Sunday’s matchup will stamp maybe the best tight end matchup in NFL history as the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and the 49ers’ George Kittle clash. Kelce was gotten some information about how they and Kittle have re-imagined the position.

“Everybody has their own style, and that’s why you can’t get too caught up in trying to be another tight end. We all can’t be Tony Gonzalez, [Rob Gronkowski] or Jason Witten,” Kelce said. “You just have to be yourself, find what you do well and be fortunate enough to be under a great coach like Andy Reid or Kyle Shanahan that can exploit your strengths and hide your weaknesses if you have any.”

That attitude has unquestionably turned out well for Kelce and Kittle. Truth be told, the couple claims the main two spots among tight finishes in accepting yards, yards after the catch, gatherings of in any event 25 yards and getting yards per game in the course of the last two seasons consolidated.

Kelce has delighted in enormous accomplishment all through his vocation under Reid, who has routinely figured out how to put his All-Pro tight end in a situation to succeed. Kelce was asked on Wednesday for what valid reason he and his colleagues need to win a title for Reid.

“We love him as person. He’s like a father figure in the building,” Kelce said. “In terms of being a football mind, he’s changed the game not only for myself, but league-wide, everybody takes notes and follows his lead. I think this would just solidify his career even more so than it already has been.”

  • Half back Damien Williams was approached to clarify the certainty that they and the remainder of the offense have in Reid and the training staff. His answer was basic enough.

“Every time we’re in meetings and we’re installing plays, Andy is a confident person. Whenever he’s calling a play, he knows it’s going to work,” Williams said. “We don’t need him to tell us, ‘Do this or do that.’ Whatever play he calls, I know it’s going to work.”

Reid has surely dialed up some powerful plays for Williams over the Chiefs’ last two season finisher runs. Truth be told, Williams is one of only six players in NFL history to count at least four touchdowns in consecutive postseasons. Furthermore, his eight postseason touchdowns in the course of the most recent two years are the third-most by any running back since the turn of the century.

The person has been fantastically powerful in the greatest of minutes, which is actually what Williams said the Chiefs accepted could be a reality when he marked with Kansas City before the 2018 crusade.

The person has been unfathomably successful in the greatest of minutes, which is actually what Williams said the Chiefs accepted could be a reality – the way that he’d have the chance to play on the greatest of stages – when they marked with Kansas City preceding the 2018 battle.

  • Protective end Frank Clark clarified how hungry they is for a Super Bowl triumph on Wednesday.

“You want to be able to speak things into existence. That’s been my life, I’ve had to speak a lot of things into existence because I’ve never had them,” Clark said. “Some of these guys have won championships their whole lives, things like national championships, high school player of the year awards and stuff like that. I’ve never had anything, so my fire is a little bit different than theirs. What I’m working for and working toward is a little bit different. I’m not working for the glory and the lights…I care about winning football games. I want to be a champion.”

  • At long last, Mahomes was gotten some information about Chiefs Kingdom and why it’s as of now so extraordinary to them.

“The people are what really drew me to Kansas City and why I hope I get to play there for the rest of my career. It’s the way they accept you and the way they care more about you as a person than as a player,” Mahomes said. “The passion that they have for the Kansas City Chiefs is special, and it’s somewhere I want to be for the rest of my career.”

Only three years into his expert profession, Mahomes and the remainder of the list will attempt to win the individuals of Kansas City a Lombardi Trophy on Sunday.

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