Spotify recaps 10 years of pop music in ‘The Decade Wrapped’ podcast

Not long ago, music fans took to internet based life to share their outcomes from Spotify’s Wrapped battle. The gushing assistance made infographics that delineated every client’s preferred specialists, tunes and sorts, just as information focuses like the nations where their most-tuned in to groups were from. To keep the publicity moving, Spotify has recently discharged a 10-scene webcast called The Decade Wrapped. Every passage covers one year of popular music somewhere in the range of 2010 and 2019 and highlights critique from pundits, humorists and music writers.

The initial three scenes of The Decade Wrapped are as of now accessible, and the staying seven will be discharged day by day beginning on Tuesday. Outlines for each are now up on Spotify’s site, so in case you’re interested, you can look at who beat the competition and which melodies audience members most much of the time gushed.

The decade saw the leap forward of craftsmen like Drake and Ariana Grande, in addition to the blast of K-pop and groups like BTS. The Decade Wrapped seems like a fun method to remember those minutes – as long as your taste falls solidly inside the main 40.

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