Amazon offers PS4 Deals during Prime Day sale

With Amazon Prime officially kicking off later this week, this is the perfect time to put your hands on a PS4, PS4 Pro or the latest titles and the accessories of the consoles. If you are looking for a while to purchase a gaming console for yourself, then look no more as both Amazon and its rivals are offering great deals on the gaming consoles in the wake of the Prime Day.

We in our article have put together all the great deals that the online retailer is providing during the big day. We are quite sure that these deals will not only save you money but will save you time too. So ultimately you have landed to the right place if you are looking for best PS4 prices on consoles, wireless controllers, gaming headsets, and PS4 games.

Getting a PS4 Pro for $359.99 is a limited time period offer, and eBay is offering this limited deal. On the other hand, Amazon is retailing PS4 Pro for $369, which is $30 off of its list price.

Talking about the PS4 Pro, it is just as if the standard PS4 console is on steroids. The console has an “overclocked 2.1 GHz CPU” and is equipped with and beefed-up memory bandwidth for double the performance power of the PS4.

The PS4 Pro provides incredible gaming performance on 4K devices as it has 4K gaming and streaming support. Also, the PSVR compatibility of the console is impressing. Although it doesn’t play 4K Blu-ray discs, it streams 4K content and elevates your gaming to new heights.

If you are not looking for a PS4 Pro and want to purchase a PS4 Slim console instead, Best Buy is offering the Sony PS4 1TB Slim Days of Play Limited Edition console for $299.99. This edition is a Steel Black edition which both Best Buy and Target are offering.

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